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Your employees can respond to emergencies within seconds.

The risk of catastrophic outcomes-increases with every minute of delay until the arrival of EMS.

You protect yourself against OSHA’s General Duty Clause.

Your company faces legal and regulatory exposure for possibly failing to act.

You have the potential to save up to 90% of the Workman’s Compensation Costs.

You are at the mercy and expense of Emergency Rooms.

You have individually designed programs and training to best meet your company’s needs.

Your organization is left to fit the frame of whichever provider you choose.

You have world class EMT’s and Paramedics who both run the organization and teach the courses- with decades of real life experiences.

You’re absent the practical experience that sets ISP apart.

You get real life scenarios specific to your company.

You get canned presentations with severely limited drilling.

You promote safety awareness as well as build employee morale.

There would be minimal impact on safety and health awareness- basic CPR classes are not morale or team building experiences.

You have a world class first response team, in house, that can handle and treat almost any emergency or eventuality thrown their way.

You possibly have very basic CPR and First Aid staff members who may or may not be able to act and respond to an emergency at your facility.

With ISP, You save lives!

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