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Our mission statement

Our Mission is to provide world  class instruction that empowers your employees to effectively and immediately respond to all types of medical and traumatic emergencies.  Through hands on instruction, real life scenarios and drills your employees develop skills that can be called upon in any  life threatening situation.   Through intense education, your employees will learn how to identify and assess potential emergencies before they become life threatening.  


What we do

Industrial Safety Programs (ISP) is coupled with Emergency Care Programs (ECP), the largest NYC Pre-Hospital training program, training EMT’s for over 35 years.   ISP has teamed up with industry experts specializing in occupational health and safety, human resources and OSHA compliance to bring you the most current, relevant specific information you needed when you need it.  


Our approach

ISP employs several instructional approaches:  Courses offered combine practical classroom instruction, real life experience and hands on practice to allow each student to achieve proficiency.   We believe that simply offering instruction is not sufficient; students must have a working knowledge of the tools at hand as well as how to apply them in emergent situations.