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An industrial accident happens every 10 seconds.



Industrial Safety Programs is a workplace safety consulting and training firm that comes to your business, be it a factory, warehouse, manufacturing plant or office, and reviews your safety and training and first response objectives.  

Upon review of your work environment, associated hazards and conditions, we personalize workplace safety training specific to your organization’s needs. 

We train interested employees to become emergency first responders able to provide immediate care should an injury or medical emergency occur. 

Consider, who better to provide immediate emergency care, workplace safety  other than a co-worker in close proximity.  

Local EMS agencies can take up to 20 minutes to arrive on scene while the status of the injured worker declines.  

Our experienced workplace safety trainers travel across the United States, to help your business plan, prevent and manage emergent traumatic and medical training opportunities.   Our dedicated staff also has the expertise to advise on Safety related topics ranging from behavior based safety to governmental compliance.


Since no two manufacturing plants, warehouses, or offices are the same…

We customize our safety training and consulting services to give your teams the best possible, immediate, pre-hospital care, safety tips for work.

Consideration for personalized training program includes: plant, office, or warehouse location, production process or activities, types of machinery, specific or general potential environmental hazards, employee population, experiences and expertise.

Emergency Response Team Training

Our programs are designed to give your teams the hands on experience that, hopefully they will never need, but can be called upon when needed. Without this aspect of training, your first response preparedness would be minimal.

Safety Consultation Services

Our safety experts do not believe in a one size fits all mentality for your office, warehouse, or plant. Rather, they review the physical location, talk with your teams, assess the risks and guide you to getting the correct and appropriate help needed as well as targeted safety tips for your work place.

isafetyprograms BENEFITS

These are some of the indispensable benefits of Industrial Safety Programs Training :

  • Training provided allows your employees, first responders to handle life’s best, and worst moments
  • When your employees are trained and capable of providing emergency assistance, it can literally make the difference between life and death
  • Effectively decrease accidents up to 75%
  • Lower injury and workman’s compensation expenses up to 90%
  • Customized safety tips for work
  • osha workplace safety
  • Provide hands on experience through practical and real life scenarios
  • Our training offers benefits for your company’s employees both on and off the job
  • Fosters an environment where health and safety are center stage
  • Positively impacts employee morale and retention

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