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“I took the training because my kids are bigger now and always getting into stuff. I thought it would be helpful at home as well as on the job. So far I haven’t had to use it at work but one morning my daughter prepared breakfast to surprise me and burned herself on the waffle maker. I kept calm and did exactly what they trained me to do. I remember them saying, ‘Stop the burning process.’ I ran her hand under cool water. There is no scar now and I feel confident I can handle things at home without panicking.”

– Ami Nieto | Steel Warehouse of Memphis | HR Manager

“Joe slipped on the muddy step coming off the backhoe and twisted his leg pretty badly. We didn’t know if it was broken, so we splinted it just in case and took him to the ‘Treat & Release’ in town. They took an x-ray, treated it and followed up with him afterwards.

It was so much better than getting to a hospital and waiting around in the emergency room.”

– JK | NFS Tubing | Safety Manager

“My company had my whole team trained. Since we work outdoors most of the time the trainers taught us how to recognize cold and heat emergencies. They also taught us to work with a buddy and I am so glad they did.

Last summer in that heatwave, my work buddy Matt noticed I was getting confused, irritable and soaking wet from sweat. He immediately took me inside to cool off, rest and drink some water. The doctor said Matt prevented me from getting heat stroke. I am grateful to Matt and to the training we received.”

   – D. Stering | Lawn Care Associates | Owner | Chicago, IL

“I signed up for the training that my company offered. It was interesting and fun, especially running those mock drills. About 3 months later, when Kevin cut his arm on that metal plate, I can’t believe I remembered what to do.

I yelled for someone to grab the red bag while I put pressure on the wound and laid Kevin down. He lost blood, but not as much as he would have if we didn’t know what to do. The people that didn’t go to the training were impressed, and it really made me feel good.”

  – Kevin Philips | Steel Warehouse of Ohio | HR Manager

“I was working at my station when I noticed one of the welders were holding their arm. I immediately went over to him and offered to help, and I sent another first responder to get the first response bag. We removed his weld jacket and flushed with cold water and then sterile saline and sterile bandaging. We called the ambulance- the paramedics. They complimented me and said that my fast action probably helped save the welder from serious infection and a worsening burn.”

– SFI | HR Manager | Memphis, TN

I was pulling up to work when I noticed a co-worker on the ground in the parking lot outside the building. She had slipped on the ice and her leg was bent in a way that looked to me like it was broken. I sent for a first responder. The first responder immobilized her leg and we were able to get her to an urgent care center. When she got back to work she told us that because her leg was immobilized immediately, the fracture did not get worse and they were able to treat it with just a cast versus needing surgery. She was very lucky that we had first responders on-site. 

– Jocelyn Rivers | Center Nursing Home | NY

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