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The ISP Difference

Since no two manufacturing plants, warehouses, or offices are the same…

We customize your safety training and consulting services to offer your teams the best possible, immediate, pre-hospital care.

Consideration for personalized training program includes: plant, office or warehouse location, production process or activities, types of machinery, specific or general potential environmental hazards, employee population, experiences and expertise.

Emergency Response Team Training

Our programs are designed to give your teams the hands on experience that, hopefully they will never need, but can be called upon when needed. Without this aspect of training, your first response prepardness would be minimal.

Safety Consultation Services

Our safety experts do not believe in a one size fits all mentality for your office, warehouse, or plant. Rather, they review the physical location, talk with your teams, assess the risks and guide you to getting the correct and appropriate help needed.

Emergency Response Team Training

Our experienced EMT Trainers come from Emergency Care Programs in New York City and are the same world class instructors that train actual EMT’s, firefighters, and police officers. They’ll advise, guide and use real life scenarios to drill your selected employees in how to react from the first moment of an emergency until EMS arrives. Instruction includes risk assessment, patient stabilization, life saving treatment and transport decisions offering the best options for emergent care.

Our signature Emergency First Response course is field-tested and proven effective. Our training has fostered significant reductions in injuries, workman’s compensation costs and OSHA / Legal liability exposure within the workplace.

By training select employees, we trigger a ripple effect of a culture of health and safety awareness throughout your work environment. Our training saves lives, protecting your employees, your business and your interests.

Building an Emergency Response Team promotes safer work practices and habits, reduces injury count and severity, and allows your organization to stay off regulatory radar.

Safety Review

Before Emergency Response Training begins, our experts will assess your work environment, building layout and design as well as injury history. Our real life scenario drills will reflect your potential exposure to injury and illness.

Response Team Training
Our response team training is 18 hours of intensive, customized first response introduction and hands on education. Our goal is that each student knows what to do and just as importantly, practices what to do to achieve proficiency. We train, so that in an emergency or crisis, each responder will be able to take charge and direct care. 

Response Team Emergency Plan
Our experienced EMT instructors will work with your staff and devise the best way to respond to a series of potential emergencies within your work environment.

Our teams are trained on transport decisions, including urgent and emergent care treatment facilities. The bottom line goal is to provide appropriate medical care – be it through an urgent care center or an emergency room. Getting an injured or ill employee to the right place is just as crucial if not more so, than initial response.


Safety Consultation Services

Our expert on-site Safety Consultation is the natural extension of our Emergency Response Training. Accidents happen, but you can help prevent them and reduce costs with our personal approach to behavior based safety. We help you establish and reach your goals by weaving safety standards into the fabric of your operational excellence.

Critical Review of Current Practices
We notify you of immediate safety hazards on the work floor and in the building layout. Our safety experts meet with members of your leadership team to address concerns and suggest corrective actions or solutions.  Through our networking abilities, FMA, NSC, FDR, and MSC we help your internal safety leadership build mutually beneficial relationships.

Behavioral Safety
We don’t believe in safety managers. Safety isn’t a one person’s job – it’s everyone’s business. We give you the tools and resources needed to implement behavior based safety, empower safety champions and focus your safety and health coordination. 


The only way to approach OSHA is with experience and expertise. No one person can successfully navigate it. We offer you experienced expert resources in OSHA that is needed for your specific challenge, saving you time and money.

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